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Fat Loss Factor Program

The Fat Loss Factor Program is an all-inclusive exercise regime and diet plan which takes the support of complementary activities like target setting and stress management. This weight management plan focuses on exercise as an essential element of weight loss strategies as they help in boosting the metabolism rate, tone body muscles and improve the self-confidence of a person.

Exercise schedule
This program encompasses:
Strength training regimen spread over three blocks of twelve weeks each for beginner, intermediate and rapid weight loss stages.

The initial exercises are done three times a week and range between 30-60 minute schedule. This program also presents a 20 minute short term workouts during shortage of time.

Cardio exercises with high intensity interval preparation are gradually introduced after 12 week exercise regime.

Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates assist in management of work and personal life related stress and aid weight loss.

Diet schedule
The program commences with two week detox diet which involves the consumption of natural foods like organic fruits/vegetables, to eliminate toxins from the body. This detox period does not involve any rigorous exercise and people are advised to enjoy a half hour walk as a daily routine.

This phase is followed by ten week lifestyle un-diet wherein the diet comprises of lean protein, low carbs, healthy fats and fresh fruits and vegetables. If the weight loss goal is not achieved at the end of this period, then review of goals and accomplishments is done and the factor program commenced with fresh targets.

Fat loss factor Program is a comprehensive weight loss schedule customized to suit various needs and fitness levels. It focuses on the combination of a healthy lifestyle with a healthy mind to enjoy a tension free life.

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Fat Loss Factor Free Download:

Fat Loss Factor Full Program Free Download - Fat Loss Factor PDF Download [UPDATED 2016]
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