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You need to bear in mind the days when a phone was just a phone. Should you necessary to talk to an individual, you employed your telephone and that was all it was excellent for.

Now a days, a telephone can do so many issues than the Tricorders on star Trek in the sixties. My Droid has a little app which can be sweet and this is known as “tricorder”. So it got me to considering making use of my phone as a weight loss tool and when I went and searched the marketplace, I wasn’t disappointed.

Several apps are discovered for helping to shed weight which are ideal.

Many, such as CalorieCounter and FitSynch are apparent whilst apps like RockOn may not be very as obvious.

So let’s jump into it with making use of your Android powered Smartphone to lose weight (practically all these apps are accessible for the iPhone, by the way).

What You Eat Is What You might be

It’s vital for you to help keep a food diary which you can maintain track of all of the food you are stuffing your face with and you’ll be able to know this by most of the diet program plans. Nevertheless, that easily becomes just another factor you are able to forget on the kitchen table when you happen to be out and about. I know mine is regularly somewhere apart from my purse.

My phone, however, might too be attached to me – it goes with me everywhere. CalorieCounter is really a best program which you get on your telephone. You’ll be able to track everything all through the day (and it does all the math of adding up calories and will even appear up how many calories are in one thing) without having to help keep track of a food diary.

There’s even a wwdiary which can be a weight watchers certain.

Regular Exercise

For a successful fat loss plan, workout can be a vital portion. You can find a whole lot of apps you can download for helping you remain on track together with your workout and you may have guessed it. Fitsynch is my favourite app in this department. There are 500 different workouts for you to try which won’t let you to be bored ever and there are also 60 fitness plans and it also tons of videos.


All Android phones do have a built-in music player, but it really is awful… the system I utilized for playing music on my pc in 1999 was much better than this thing. Luckily, totally free apps like RockOn are pretty excellent. ITunes just isn’t only great but in addition a lot good sufficient to queue up your favourite workout tunes.

Just keep in mind that studies have shown that hearing music has been shown to improve workout intensity which implies a lot more calories burned and decreased body fat.

So there you’ve got it – a number of apps you can use to put your telephone to function for you within your objective to shed weight.

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Fat Loss Factor Program

The Fat Loss Factor Program is an all-inclusive exercise regime and diet plan which takes the support of complementary activities like target setting and stress management. This weight management plan focuses on exercise as an essential element of weight loss strategies as they help in boosting the metabolism rate, tone body muscles and improve the self-confidence of a person.

Exercise schedule
This program encompasses:
Strength training regimen spread over three blocks of twelve weeks each for beginner, intermediate and rapid weight loss stages.

The initial exercises are done three times a week and range between 30-60 minute schedule. This program also presents a 20 minute short term workouts during shortage of time.

Cardio exercises with high intensity interval preparation are gradually introduced after 12 week exercise regime.

Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates assist in management of work and personal life related stress and aid weight loss.

Diet schedule
The program commences with two week detox diet which involves the consumption of natural foods like organic fruits/vegetables, to eliminate toxins from the body. This detox period does not involve any rigorous exercise and people are advised to enjoy a half hour walk as a daily routine.

This phase is followed by ten week lifestyle un-diet wherein the diet comprises of lean protein, low carbs, healthy fats and fresh fruits and vegetables. If the weight loss goal is not achieved at the end of this period, then review of goals and accomplishments is done and the factor program commenced with fresh targets.

Fat loss factor Program is a comprehensive weight loss schedule customized to suit various needs and fitness levels. It focuses on the combination of a healthy lifestyle with a healthy mind to enjoy a tension free life.

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